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Ten Napel Hoofcare
Hoof Trimming Boxes
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Pro Trim Basic

Ergonomic hoof care unit for professional use

Very sturdy, heavy-duty box, suitable for all varieties of cattle, cows and bulls. Extra stability due to the standard wide slatted floor at the back of the frame. Extra strength because all corners are reinforced with struts. Fully hot-dip galvanised, therefore highly resistant to corrosion.

Axle, hydraulic lines and valves are integrated into the floor, so that the cattle can move freely through the box, without any obstacles.

Equipped with adjustable, sturdy “Texas” gates. The cattle get restrained in the gates when entering the unit.

Equipped with high quality hydraulic unit and hydraulic components and equipped with a large accumulator, so that there is always enough oil available to work quickly.

Reliable, proven technology, making it a very reliable box. Minimal maintenance required.

Can be provided with many different options.

The Pro Trim Basic has been developed for optimal ease of use and with an eye towards the well-being of the cattle. Animal welfare and user friendliness for the hoof carer/farmer are paramount in the development of this box.

Our Pro Trim Basic hoof care crushes are always made on request. The box is produced according to the client’s requests. Do you want a box with even more possibilities? Then have a look at our “ProTrim” versions.

  • Frame made of high-quality structural steel (1.0038/S235JR), fully welded, all corners reinforced with struts and fully hot-dip galvanised.
  • Aluminium floor plate with rubber (Dunlomat) coating.
  • Crush gates hydraulically operated and self-locking. The cattle get restrained in the gates when entering the unit, the gates can only be opened hydraulically. The width of thetrap gates can be adjusted for an optimal crush position.
  • Front leg system with different leg guidance variations:
    • Wooden front leg block
    • Nylon front leg block
    • Steel front leg block.
  • Belly strap made of sustainable, animal-friendly rubber strap of 18 cm wide.
  • Rear bracket hydraulically operated
    • The lower section of the rear bracket is spring-mounted, for optimal fixation of the rear legs.
    • Can be provided with (“W”) bracket for better stabilisation of the rear leg.
  • Rear leg systems with heel strap or aluminium rear leg hook, guidance of the chain through a plastic roller. Everything is fully adjustable.
  • Can be provided with hydraulic lift system (30 cm) for comfortable working at height. Lift remains standing at any desired height. Lifting capacity: 3,800 kg
  • All axles and pivots are mounted in bronze bearings with easily accessible lubrication points.
  • Hydraulic parts are placed in a stainless-steel housing (AISI316L = seawater resistant stainless-steel).
  • Hydraulic unit placed on a stainless-steel-oil tank contents 16 litre, equipped with sight glass. Easy to fill and change oil. Heavy-duty hydraulic pump. Equipped with hydraulic accumulator, for smoother and more silent use and longer lifespan of the hydraulic pump.Equipped with easy to replace return filter.
  • Can be provided in both 230Vac and 400Vac motor pump combination.
  • Hydraulically adjustable speed for each function (excluding lift).
  • To be equipped with manual-hydraulic (handles) or electro-hydraulic (push buttons).
  • Standard provided with 4 panels (2 links, 2 on the right) can be fully swivelled.
  • Equipped with:
    • 2 x 3-way wall sockets for tools 230Vac (IP55)
    • 3 x 24 Vdc halogen work lightsoMechanical counter
    • Tools holders on both sides of the box
    • Spray can holders on both sides of the box

Equipment and functions

  • Crush gate:
    • Hydraulically operated from rear.
    • Gates open 100% inwards.
    • Gates close hydraulically to “crush position”.
    • Gates in width adjustable.
  • Front leg system:
    • Hydraulically operated from the front left and front right.
    • Standard with hydraulic motors.
    • Front leg hooks
    • Front leg block of choice:                                                                                                                                                                 1. Wooden front leg block.                                                                                                                                                 2. Nylon front leg block.                                                                                                                                                     3. Steel front leg block.
  • Belly strap:
    • Hydraulically operated from the front left, on the front right and rear.
    • Works with 2 hydraulic cylinders, adjustable speed.
  • Rear bracket:
    • Hydraulically operated from rear
    • Works with 2 hydraulic cylinders, adjustable speed.
  • Rear leg system:
    • Hydraulically operated from rear.
    • Equipped with extra strong hydraulic cylinder, adjustable speed
  • Lift system (optional):
    • Hydraulically operated from the front left, on the front right and rear.
    • Lift system stays at any desired height.
    • Equipped with hydraulic flow dividers and balance valves so that the unit always rises vertically.
  • Wheel axle (optional):
    • Hydraulically operated from the front left.
  • Standard 4 panels, 900 mm high, equipped with fixation chain. Can be fully rotatable.
  • Grinder holders.
  • Spray can holders.
  • Cable guide can be swivelled 180 degrees.

Technical specifications


  • Length: 180 cm (excluding drawbar)
  • Width internal: 73 cm
  • Height internal: 170 cm
  • Weight: depending on the chosen options. Limited to 550 kg.

400Vac power connection (230Vac optional)

  • 24V dc control system
  • 24V dc work light
  • For 400Vac: electronically protected against phase failure. Phase reversal switch
  • For 230Vac (optional): main fuse 16A

Hydraulic working pressure set at 165 bar


Pro Trim Basic, fixed installation in stable.

Equipped with hoisting device for easy hoisting of the unit.


Pro Trim Basic Mobile, suitable to drive the unit comfortably across the farm yard or through the stable. Axle can be operated up and down hydraulically.
Equipped with:

  • Wheel axle and single front wheel
    The wheel axle is integrated under the floor, which ensures a flat walking floor.
  • Heavy-duty WAP axle, suitable for a load of 1,350 kg.
  • Tyres: 155/70R12
  • Easy (dis)assembly of the front wheel.

! Not suitable to use as TRAILER, so not intended for use on public roads!


Pro Trim Basic Road, suitable for coupling behind a car and transporting it as a trailer

  • Wheel axle and drawbar
  • The wheel axle is integrated under the floor, which ensures a flat walking floor.
  • Heavy-duty WAP axle, 1500 kg, drum brake.
  • Tyres 195/50R13
  • Easy (dis)assembly of the drawbar by applying the Ten_Napel_Quickmount® system, with which the brake system is also linked in one operation.
  • RDW approval and including license plate.
  1. 400Vac instead of 230Vac.
  2. 3 x LED work light (3 x HEL15W 1200lm).
  3. Extra fixation bracket (“W” bracket) for rear leg.
  4. Lift system 30cm, left front, right front and rear controls.
    • Panels remain at fixed height when lifting and lowering the box.
    • Height to be determined by the user.
    • 1 leg winch is equipped with an adjustable support for levelling the unit (LV).
  5. Additional adjustable leg winch.
  6. Wireless remote control for 2 functions (both up and down).
  7. Wireless remote control for 3 functions (all up and down).
  8. Wheel axle and drawbar:
    • Integrated into the floor. Flat floor guaranteed.
    • WAP wheel axle 1,500 kg drum brake.
    • Wheels 195/50R13.
    • Ten Napel Quickmount snelsluiting©.
    • Lighting bar.
  9. Heavy-duty axle, 1,800 kg, drum brake.
  10. RDW approval including license plate.
  11. Front leg slides:
    • Hydraulically operated, together with the belly strap.
    • Made of aluminium.
  12. Separation panel set (40cm). Panels can be carried in the box during transport.
  13. 2 x 3-way CEE wall socket boxes 230 Vac (blue camping plugs).
  14. Additional hydraulic accumulator.
  15. Braked front leg motors.
  16. Stainless-steel storage box.
  17. Cable reel 400 V ac (35 m).
  18. Cable reel 230 V ac (50 m).


  • 2-year full warranty on the steel construction.
  • 1 year on all moving parts (provided that the instructions in the manual are followed accordingly).
  • Excluding wear parts such as: bearings, ropes, et cetera.